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Are alternative fuels the key to decarbonising aviation and shipping?

There is a growing interest in energy transition technologies that can be directly dropped into existing aircraft and ships to provide immediate decarbonisation.

Oil and gas contracts lost value momentum in Q1 2023

Europe recorded the majority of the contracts, with 564 contracts in Q1 2023.

Repurposing oil and gas infrastructure: an economical approach for energy transition

A GlobalData webinar report has shown that, over three selected case studies, huge savings can be achieved by retrofitting a pipeline for hydrogen transport.

China to dominate polypropylene capacity additions in Asia by 2027

The main capacity addition will be from the North Huajin Refining and Petrochemical Liaoning Polypropylene Plant, with a capacity of 1mtpa.

Transmission pipelines dominate upcoming midstream projects starting by 2027

Globally, the majority of the upcoming projects are in the construction stage with 508 projects.